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There are over 180 types of applications for immigrant and non-immigrant visas in the United States.

Our team at Ritchie Reiersen will prepare the documents you need and navigate a direct path for you to arrive where you and/or your loved ones need to go. Whether you need to establish permanent residency, get a work visa, social security number, citizenship or you have an issue that threatens your status. We’ve established ourselves in Kennewick, Yakima, Auburn and Tacoma. Here to serve our neighbors in one of the most important journeys of their lives.

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Citizenship & Naturalization

  • Naturalization
  • Acquired Citizenship
  • Derivative Citizenship
  • Passport and Certificate of Citizenship
  • Visitor (B-1/B-2 Visa)
  • Exchange Visitors (J-1 visa)
  • Student (F-Visa)
  • Fiancé of U.S. citizen (K-1)
  • Religious Worker Visa
  • Humanitarian Parole
  • Extension of Tourist Visas
  • Spouses & children of U.S. Citizens (K-3/K-4)
  • Victim of Human Trafficking (T-visa)
  • Visa for Victims of Crimes (U-visa)
  • Visa for Witnesses and Informants (S-visa)

Family Based Immigration

  • Adjustment of status
  • Spousal Petitions
  • Same-sex spousal petitions
  • Fiancé Petitions
  • Consular Process
  • Green cards for battered spouses, parents and children

Waivers & Appeals

  • Waivers
  • Waiver after prior removal
  • Waiver for Unlawful Presence
  • Waiver for certain crimes
  • Appeals
  • Appeal before the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)
  • Appeal before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
  • Motion to Reconsider/Motion to Reopen

Deportation Defense

  • Asylum & Withholding of Removal, Convention Against Torture
  • Cancellation of Removal for Legal Permanent Residents
  • Cancellation of Removal for Non-Legal Permanent Residents
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Bond Hearings
  • VAWA Cancellation of Removal
  • Prosecutorial Discretion
  • NACARA Suspension of Deportation
  • Voluntary Departure

Other Services

  • Adoption under The Hague Convention
  • FBI Record Request
  • CBP FOIA Record Request
  • USCIS FOIA Record Request
  • Stay of Removal
  • Request for Deferred Action
  • Green Card Renewal
  • Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence

Our Bilingual Staff is Experienced and Happy to Serve

What are your goals for the immediate and distant future? Often people don’t consider the time, finances and planning it takes to achieve their goals of establishing their future in the United States. Wherever you begin determines the path you need to pursue.

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The immigration process is often a thing where you don’t know where to begin. 

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